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Each month, competitors will accumulate placement points according to the points table. In addition to the competition award earnings, the top five (5) finishers will win large awards and the top 1/2 of the point-getters in each month will receive a smaller award. A total of 50% of the total Studio Cup payment pool will be awarded in bonuses each month and will be distributed as follows:

Top Five Monthly Payments
1st - 50%
2nd - 25%
3rd - 13%
4th - 8%
5th - 4%

If there is a tie for a position among the top 5 finishers, the tie will be resolved in the following manner (in order):
  1. The competitor who has the most higher-placed submissions in the month.
  2. If a tie still remains, then the tied competitors will share equally the award money at hand.
Top Half Monthly Payments
The remaining 50% of the Studio Cup payment pool will be distributed among the top ½ of point-getters (all competitors tied for the last spot will be included) and will be allocated based on the value of each placement point.

Digital Run payments will be paid at the end of each month within 60 days of announcing the Top Five and Top Half money winners.